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Five Ways to Use Essential Oils: By a Former Skeptic

Five Ways to Use Essential Oils: By a Former Skeptic

Alright. Let me just be real here.

Essential oils are not exactly a new phenomenon. They have actually been used for centuries in countries all over the world! You all probably knew that. But I didn't! I had it fixed in my mind that essential oils were for "hippies" only and that in order to enrich my life through essential oils I would have to open some chakra or find new sense of spirituality or something. I thought it was for a certain kind of lifestyle, and I did NOT plan on wearing my yoga pants to yoga anytime soon... Don't judge me. 

So what changed?

A couple things, actually.

First, I met Hannah.


Hannah is my sweet, southern friend from Georgia who absolutely EMBODIES the essential oil life. That is... The oil life as I now know it. She doesn't do yoga either, but she DOES find uses for every oil in every area of life. From improved digestion to acne prevention, to safer cleaning products, Hannah has showed me there is an oil for everything.

I should also preface that a few months prior to this, I had begun the slow process of converting everything in the house to safer products. This includes all directly topical products (makeup specifically), but also aromatic ones. (Do you have any idea how many chemicals are hidden in our stuff?!) More on that nonsense later. So I'm on this journey with beauty products, freaking out about all the hidden crap in the stuff that I intentionally and daily put ON MY FACE ,when I start to hear about all the bad things in air fresheners, candles, lotions, deodorants (there's old news), carpet fresheners, and myriads of other things. I'm obviously a little overwhelmed at this point.

So I start researching, reading conspiracy theories, etc, and slowly make changes to identify what is realistic and sustainable for my family and I. I have got to put this right here: CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES. It will be hard to combat EVERY toxin. Also, this is America. Our FDA "regulates" with their eyes blindfolded by corporations and politicians. You will feel lied to. Switching products WILL be expensive. It will take some footwork to find products that are actually safe that ALSO work for you. Ever tried "organic deodorant"? Totally safe and natural. Does. not. work.... for me. ... moving on.

So here I am, overwhelmed, trying new "safe" products, finding out they're maybe not as safe as I think they are, and developing even BIGGER trust issues. (I know they are out there, but why is it so hard just to find out the truth?)

Now enter sweet Hannah with all the solutions (pun intended) to my problems. She and her oils have helped me in my quest for safer products in all areas of my life and I am so excited to share with you a few of the ways I have loved incorporating them into my life in a very contemporary way. (No yoga necessary.)

 One of My Favorite Young Living blends: Purification

One of My Favorite Young Living blends: Purification

1. Diffuse. I know this is basic and the number one use for oils these days, BUT when you view it as an air freshener replacement, it changes the game! You can add so much to the atmosphere of your home simply by diffusing different scents, and all with the peace of mind that breathing them in is a GOOD thing! No parabens, no unknown chemicals that are manipulated to give off a certain smell, just pure.... essence? I love diffusing purification, Thieves, and Orange during the day to give me energy and add a fresh scent to the house. In the evening I prefer to diffuse Lavender or Cypress during that last hour to get me calmed down for sleep.

 My favorite winter blend of Thieves and R.C.

My favorite winter blend of Thieves and R.C.

2. Perfume. You can use roll-on blends or mists as a scent replacement! Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream wicked fast, so I ditched the unknown liquids for natural scents with health benefits. Some easy starters are Lavender, Peppermint, or Orange. (Fun fact, some oils have even have benefits ranging from anxiety relief, to energy boosts!) You can buy these roll-on vials on Amazon in a cute little six-pack. Use your favorite essential oil, or get creative and come up with your own blend!


3. Clean. Phthalates, Ammonia, Triclosan, and Chlorine are just a few less than savory chemicals that are found in common household cleaners. I think I always knew deep down that cleaning the bathtub without gloves was not good for my skin. But also consider stepping in to that "clean" tub after, or all the tiny particles released into the air when you spray a surface cleaner, or the fact that when we dry-clean our clothes, residual fumes of the neurotoxin Perchloroethylene can be inhaled. This is not to say "never clean your body, dishes, house or home." But I think it is good to have a healthy awareness of just how many toxins we are being exposed to on a regular basis. At least from there you can choose for yourself which ones are more important to eliminate. Replacing household cleaners is just another small way we can reduce exposure of these potentially harmful solutions to our skin and lungs. How do essential oils do this? You can DIY very easy cleaning solutions with a simple recipe of diluted vinegar and essential oils. If you detest the smell of vinegar altogether and refuse to clean with it, you can make cleaning solution just from anti-bacterial oils such as lemon, cinnamon, pine, and lavender. If this just doesn't feel clean to you, you can still seek out a safer cleaning option that works for you. (I know there is debate about the true "clean" status of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.)


4. Wear it. In addition to wearing as perfume, you can personally diffuse your favorite relaxing/motivating/stress-relieving oil throughout the day with these beautiful hand-cut leather earrings from Appalachian Sisters! Or drip a few drops onto this gorgeous, Black Lava Bracelet from Quinn Sharp Jewelry Designs to wear as you go about your day! These are great options for oils you want to personally diffuse, but maybe do not want touching your skin.


5. Prevent Cavities. This is something I wish I had found out a longgg time ago! Fact: certain people are more pre-disposed to getting cavities than others. (These aren't just lies I tell myself so I can sleep at night, it's scientifically proven.) So, anyone who has seen me REALLY laugh knows I've got my fair share of fillings, and these same people can attest that I was the only girl who brushed AND flossed at sleepovers. I have obsessed over my oral hygiene since age 12, because I've had to. I've struggled with keeping cavities at bay and only recently have experienced success! I attribute this to two main products: HealThy Mouth Blend from Orawellness, and SHINE. HealThy Mouth is an essential oil blend that works by balancing the microbes that live in your mouth and preventing tooth decay! Use on your toothbrush with toothpaste or by itself, on floss, or even as mouthwash. It gives your mouth that "clean" feeling and feels so nice and minty!


So what is SHINE? Let me answer your question with another question: Have you ever experienced tooth sensitivity from trying to whiten your teeth? If you enjoy coffee, tea, and red wine nearly as much as I do, you are probably nodding your head right now. I've tried it all, Crest whitening strips, treatments at the dentist; I couldn't even sit through the whole process because it HURT! If you have also experienced this pain on the quest to whiter teeth, know that the bleaching and subsequent discomfort is actually weakening your enamel and harming your teeth. SHINE from Orawellness does the opposite of these treatments by replacing the minerals your teeth need. By packaging the minerals in a size your teeth can absorb, SHINE works exactly where your teeth need remineralization the most. Having healthy, nourished teeth is the first step to acquiring that pearly white smile we are always on the hunt for! I have been using these two products for about a year and a half now, and not only fought off cavities, but also experienced less tooth sensitivity and bad breath. (This just got REALLY personal.)


In conclusion, adding essential oils to my lifestyle and routine has helped me eliminate tons of toxins because they are so versatile and easy to use! I love how they smell, I love how they make me feel (awww), and I love how easy they are to use!

There are so many more uses for Essential Oils and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about a few of my personal favorites as I journey from skeptic to sold out! As an additional note, I personally have loved being a member of YoungLiving because I love their blends, Essential Rewards, and the purity of their oils. There are many other options out there, but if you are interested in starting your journey with oils, or learning more about how OraWellness can improve your oral health, please reach out to me! I'd love to help any way I can!

P.S. please don't be offended if you do yoga. I am just jealous you can touch your toes right now and I can't.

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