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Why I love Being an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador

Why I love Being an R. Riveter Brand Ambassador

If you have never heard of this American-handmade company, I am thrilled to tell you all about them from a brand ambassador's perspective!

R. Riveter

Their mission: to provide flexible, mobile income for American military spouses all across the nation.

Their brand: represents empowered and productive women succeeding in the midst of trial and adversity.

Their product: high-quality, fashionable handbags and accessories for every woman.

As a military spouse who works from home, their story resonated with me. I fell in love with the company almost instantaneously after hearing of their mission and seeing their work! Each bag has a unique history because of the hands that made it and the material it came from.

So what exactly does being a Brand Ambassador for R. Riveter mean?



My position with R. Riveter is not a paid one. In other words, I am not employed to promote and convince you to buy their products. On the contrary, I have the opportunity to share their mission and their story with you simply because I LOVE it and I want to tell you all about it! In addition to sharing updates and exciting new styles, I have the benefit of offering all of you a discount code: RRSHANAEL which can be used at checkout for 15% off your order!  Yay discounts!

Since joining the R.Riveter Brand Ambassador team in August, 2017, I have been able to be a part of an amazing community of strong, like-minded women all across the country. It has provided me with new friendships I never would have established otherwise, as well as a network of incredible and empowered women who all support each other in person and afar.

I invested in this meaningful connection in September of 2017 when I flew to Southern Pines, NC to attend a collaborative fashion show event called A Night of Empowerment. The most incredible part was that when fellow ambassador Erica G. and I expressed our interest in attending the event, we had multiple offers from other local ambassadors to stay with them in their homes!

We were hosted by the amazing Jana H. and spent the first day getting to know each other and visiting the flagship R. Riveter store. That evening the three of us met another brand rep, Kristen L. and enjoyed cocktails and marveling at the new connection we had made. About halfway through our dinner we were astonished to see the ENTIRE R. Riveter team walk up to us and introduce themselves! Our Brand Ambassador coordinators, our company founders; I have never been so star-struck in all my life (and I've served coffee to Jim from The Office, as well as half the cast from T.V. series Lost). They sat and chatted with us, and it made me feel so honored and humbled that they took time away from prepping for their big event the next day just to make the effort to get to know us more in person!

The following evening was The Night for Empowerment, a fashion show event put on by Marz Events. A red carpet, fabulous cocktails, raffles, a runway walked by beautiful women of all ages, and sweet new friends; just some of the elements that contributed to one of the most encouraging events I have ever attended! I am convinced that every woman who left that evening felt beautiful and empowered!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our whirlwind weekend in Southern Pines! Yes, that is three of us brand ambassadors with Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse!

What I love most about this company (besides the new relationships and the bags themselves), is the mission to empower women of all walks of life! I see this in three practical ways:

  1. The process begins with the women who make the products. The flexible, remote nature of the job empowers women through employment despite frequent moves and busy lives.
  2. The bags themselves are designed to empower the women who wear them by assisting them in their everyday lives whether that means meetings, raising a family, traveling, or having a cute but functional purse for a night out. 
  3. R. Riveter empowers women by inspiring them to DREAM. BIG. Our founders, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse built this company in an attic with a sewing machine, a small investment in leather, and a big dream. What could be more inspiring than to see two, real-life women succeeding in ethical business while providing dozens of women with the opportunity to earn income from home? The authenticity and passion of the founders Lisa and Cameron absolutely shines through in the fabric of their fashionable and functional mission. I hope their story inspires and empowers you as much as it did me! Psst! Read their whole story HERE!

So, as you can see, R. Riveter is about much more than just handbags...

... And I love to talk about it!

Feel free to email me any questions you have about the company or the products or follow me on social media to see how I style my R. Riveter bags! Don't forget to use hashtag #bagsonamission so we can all follow your adventures as well!

Pictured above are two of my favorite style purses by R. Riveter! The larger style is called The Otto, and the smaller crossbody purse is The Patton! As you can see, both are wonderful adventure bags that transition easily from daytime to nighttime. Stay tuned for more on what makes these two bags my top picks!

Don't forget to Use Code RRSHANAEL at checkout for 15% off!

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